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Investigation Related Articles Needed

Investigation Related Articles Needed

Are you interested in having your article featured in AsiaInvestigation.com?  We are interested in well written and informative articles on Private investigator licensing laws (for Japan, or Taiwan, or Vietnam, or Thailand, or Republic of Korea)  The article should be written for the security and investigation community, not the general public, so please include specifics and citations of relevant regulations and laws.  The article should be of sufficient length to give a good overview of the issue.  Links to the relevant governmental licensing agencies should be included.

Articles will be vetted and helpful, accurate articles will be posted to the private investigator licensing laws page for that country, along with a link to the submitter's website.

Please contact admin@asiainvestigation.com to discuss submission of an article.

Welcome to Our Private Investigator Directory for Asia!

Finding a professional, reliable private investigator in Asia can be a challenge.  The industry is newer and less regulated than it is in Europe and the Americas.  We are compiling a directory of reputable private investigators, process servers and security professionals in China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.  We require proof of license or business registration for the applicant companies.  We also require proof of identity for the principals of the companies.  With this information, consumers will know that the company they choose is doing business legally in their home country and that they are who they say they are.

Asia Investigation is also a resource for investigation related information... licensing laws, consulates and embassies and other information as we expand the website.  We hope you find the information useful.  Please send us feedback at admin@asiainvestigation.com.

Welcome to Asia Investigation!

Hiring a PI in Asia

Hiring a PI in Asia

Hiring a reliable and professional PI in Asia can be a challenge.  There are many professional firms in China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, but there are also PI firms, usually small, one man shops, that are more interested in making a buck, than in helping a distant client.  One of the goals of Asia Investigation is to help consumers to find dependable and effective firms, with which to work.


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